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We started using Vagrant for our web development environment

We are excited to use Vagrant as well as VirtualBox for our web development environment! It eliminates the need to have all your PHP versions inside one box: MongoDB, MySQL, Apache, nginx. With Vagrant you can configure the development environment which precisely matches your client’s production system! And it takes a few minutes to run […]

Is Ajax Not Good Enough?

Last time I was reviewing website architecture and what to do in different situations. In this article I would like to review issues which can be a serious obstacle for even for professional web developers. Problem Solved By AJAX Courtesy of AJAX calls, user interaction on the web has progressed in leaps and bounds. There […]

The dos and don’ts of building an ecommerce web portal from scratch

Building an eCommerce web portal might appear to be very easy. Everyone does it, so it can’t be that difficult, can it? It can, especially if you are unaware of the dos and don’ts of the process. The very first thing to focus on is to have an eCommerce plan, apart from your business plan, […]

Should your Latest Project Have Post Support?

When you’ve finished a project, it’s important to consider whether or not you need follow up support. For most individuals, having a project initially set up and planned is the key component or goal they have in mind, often times forgetting about the long-term longevity of the item they’ve just completed. That’s because when many […]

Why Hubspot Works For Businesses

Optimizing any marketing campaign is always on the agenda when it comes to small business owners looking for an upper hand. In a world of over-saturated marketing plans, online promises and false programs guaranteeing expert success on virtually little effort – it’s important to ensure your marketing dollars are well spent. That’s why many businesses […]

Website Architecture – Finding What’s Best For Your Company

When you’re looking at the architecture within your website, it’s often a guessing game that many businesses hope to win. That’s because for many business owners, trying to pin-point the exact area your potential customers want, is like playing roulette with your sales. For most businesses, the architecture will be planned one of two ways; […]

Selecting Your Business Database – 3 Things to Consider Before Choosing

There is a seemingly endless variety of databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, NoSQL, Oracle, Cassandra, MongoDB etc. When you’re creating your database, it’s important to decide which system you need to optimize both your efficiency and needs before you get started. That’s because there are multiple different systems that can and do properly […]

Deciding Between Template and Custom Website Design / Development

For many business owners, the realization that internet marketing takes time, effort and a specific skillset comes as a massive setback. In fact, if you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t even know where to start when it comes to planning, let alone implementing the latest online tricks and techniques. The online realm is […]

Pros and Cons of Ordering your Website from Professionals

One of the most important features found in the corporate atmosphere is the internet. In fact, it’s become so paramount that virtually no one can ignore the value of efficient and unique web design in creating an online business presence. This small tool can help improve a business’ visibility both locally and on a global […]

About company

UUUDesign was established in 2007. Our company is a Canadian network of highly skilled software, web development, customized web design, mobile application development and infrastructure professionals specializing in custom stand-alone and web-based applications. The company is located in the city of Toronto, Ontario, providing fully customized and effective solutions for clients in a wide range […]